*All rates are APR*

Loan Rates Certificate Rates Share Rates

Effective as of: February 2019
Rates subject to change.
- New Auto -
APR* as low asTerm
2.74%36 Months
3.00%60 Months
3.75%72 Months
4.75%84 Months
- Used Auto -
Year APR* as low asAPR* as low as- Term
2017-2018 2.74%-36m 3.00%-60m 3.75%-72m
2015-20163.00%-36m 3.25%-60m 4.00%-72m
2013-20144.00%-36m 4.25%-60m 5.50%-72m
2007-20125.00%-36m 5.25%-60m
- Personal LOC (K-Line) -
APR* as low asTerm
Personal Loans
APR* as low asTerm
9.99%60 Months
- Share Secured Pledge -
APR* as low asTerm
3.25%48 Months
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The above loan rates reflect a .50% discount with automatic payroll deduction. Rates are based on members credit score and debt-to-income ratio. Example payment: $1,000 for 12 months at 9.99% = 11 payments of $87.94 and one payment of $87.62.